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Polarity Change Connectors

Polarity Change Connectors available as 2.1mm or 2.5mm industry standard sizes. These connectors simply push onto the existing DC output connector of a power supply. Convert the polarity from positive centre (+ve centre) to negative centre (-ve centre) without removing the existing molded connector. This helps to maintain reliability and mechanical integrity of the existing power supply cable. They provide an alternative solution to cutting off and re-fitting an existing connector to switch the polarity. Particularly useful when the guage or thickness of the DC output cable is large enough to make it problematic to fit a new solder on connector. They can also provide a fast, low cost solution when a high volume of power supplies is needed with reverse polarity. Part of a wide range of DC power connectors from Tiger Power. A data sheet is available to download below. Please contact us for direct pricing Alternatively CLICK HERE to buy these polarity change connectors from our distributor