Lugged power supplies, which are also known as installation power supplies have fixings molded into the plastic case which allow them to be screwed down onto to a flat surface. They have integrated AC input cables which help prevent accidental disconnection from the mains supply.

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Power Supply 12V 5A 60W Lugged UK Wall Mount Lead In Out

This 12V 5A 60W lugged UK power supply from Tiger Power is a single output voltage regulated unit rated to IP20 for indoor use. The unit is supplied with a fixed  UK AC cable (other plug options available) helping to prevent accidental disconnection from the mains supply and lowering cost of supplying a separate mains lead This power supply has no minimum load so it can be used for any application that requires 12V up to its maximum rating of 5 amps / 60 Watts. This means for example, this power supply can be used to power some LED strip that only requires 5 watts of power. The LED strip or other lighting will only draw as much power from this unit as it requires. Supplied by one of the UKs leading providers of power conversion products. Please get in touch for direct pricing or technical assistance.
Part number: TP1018-W
  • Single constant voltage, regulated 12V output
  • No minimum load - Use for any requirement from 0 amps (0 watts) to 5 amps (60 watts)
  • 220vac to 240vac input (suitable for use in UK and Europe)
  • CE and UKCA safety marked and approved
  • Short circuit and over load protection for safety
  • IP20 rated for indoor use only
  • Meets latest efficiency legislation & features very low no load power consumption
  • 1.5M in / out cable lengths
  • Compact size - SEE FULL DATASHEET below
Tiger Power Supplies are a dedicated UK based provider of a wide range of power conversion products. Custom branding is available on request. For further details visit our contact us page. Tiger Power specifically supply to business customers. For a single unit or low volume requirements our products are available through our distribution partners, please click on the link(s) below Tiger Power Supplies at CPC

Lugged Power Supplies – 12VDC

Our lugged power supply range features a fixed AC mains input cable to help prevent accidental disconnection from the mains supply. The fixing lugs which have been moulded as an integral part of the case enable you to secure the power supply down. This makes the lugged power supply series perfect for a wide range of applications.