Plugtop power supplies from one of the UKs most experienced power conversion experts. Tiger Power Supplies have a comprehensive range of plug top PSUs available from UK stock. Power ratings from 3W up to 65W are available. Output voltage options range from 3.3v to 48vdc. We are able to provide product modification as required, such as DC connector changes. We can also offer custom branding. Our range of direct plug in plug top power supplies all feature integral safety features such as short circuit and over voltage protection. Every unit we supply has been burn in tested before we ship for increased reliability.

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Plugtop Power Supplies

A comprehensive range of plug top power supplies including UK, European, USA and Australian options. All of our power supplies are safety approved and meet latest energy efficiency legislation.

International Power Supplies

International Power Supplies, also known as interchangeable AC pin power supplies are a range of products where each unit is supplied with up to 4 AC pins as standard. The AC pins can be easily changed to suit the region in which the product is to be used. This means just one power supply is suitable for world use. Traditionally, multiple versions would need to be stocked and approved for use to cover global markets. The power supplies are all safety approved and meet latest energy efficiency requirements.

Plugtop Power Supplies – Adjustable Output Voltage

A range of plug top power supplies where the output voltage can be adjusted. Please use the drop down box below to select the max output power. Once you have made your selection full product info and a relevant image will be displayed. Make your selection using the box below: